About Us
The United Way Women's Initiative is a remarkable group of women who stand to protect the common interests of the city they love. These women are professionals, community volunteers and business leaders who empower the entire community to reach out with a full and giving heart. Through their generosity and leadership, these women raise the aspirations for Houston and all that it can become.

United Way Women's Initiative members make personal gifts of $2,500 or more. In 2012-13, 890 Women's Initiative members contributed a record-breaking $5.1 million to United Way, coming together to ensure a hopeful future for all Houstonians.

United Way salutes these incredible women for their leadership and generosity. These women lead the way and are a catalyst for change in our community. They know that together through the work of the United Way, spirits are lifted and good never fails.

Our goals:
  • To lead the way and be a catalyst for change in our community
  • To involve our community's most powerful women by engaging women in the workplace, business leaders and community volunteers.
Our members are generous and dedicated supporters of United Way of Greater Houston. We invite women who share our commitment to do something about it for our community to join the Women's Initiative.

To learn more about the Women's Initiative and the United Way of Greater Houston, contact Jocelyn Bacon at 713-685-2749.


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