Anna Babin

"I have learned that my work is never done in isolation, and my staff is critical to the organization's success. Kindness, compassion and understanding should guide all that you do. Remind yourself that your employees are human beings with families, experiencing both good times and bad. Let them know you care."

Anna Babin became president of United Way of Greater Houston on September I, 2005. Her appointment marked a homecoming she once had served the organization as Chief Financial Officer. Long a supporter of United Way, Babin is passionate about the organization's mission to "increase the organized capacity of people to care for themselves and others." Throughout her career, Babin has sought to empower others to realize their full potentiaL During her teen years, Babin herself was a recipient of United Way-funded services and recalls that time as a pivotal one in determining her future success. Babin blends strategic thinking and business acumen with a wealth of social service expertise. This unique blend of skill and experience represents a vital community resource as United Way of Greater Houston increasingly is called upon to take the lead in community problem solving. In her previous role as CEO of Catholic Charities, she led one of the largest Catholic social service organizations in Texas. During her tenure, Catholic Charities was ranked as one of Houston's most efficient organizations. A certified public accountant, Babin holds a degree in business administration from Lamar University. Her previous professional assignments include Service Corporation International and Price Waterhouse. A native Texan, Babin is married and has two sons and two young granddaughters.

Houston Woman Magazine June/July 2008

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