Community Investment

United Way of Greater Houston’s community investment process is:

Volunteer-driven: A diverse pool of volunteers from across the community leads the process. Our volunteer Board of Trustees sets our strategic plan and approves all investment decisions.

Backed by research and data: Before any investment decisions are made, we study the needs in our community, issues facing our neighbors, efforts to address the needs and the potential for impact.

Results–oriented: Investment recipients provide outcomes information that demonstrates the value of their programs.

Comprehensive: Combines a review of financial and administrative information, program evaluation and site visits.

Ongoing: Investment recipients are monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure quality service delivery and effectiveness.

Accountability and efficiency are two of the major differences of United Way of Greater Houston. Our community investments are backed by research, made by trained volunteers, and ensured by good stewardship. The annual community campaign fuels our work, and we invest more campaign contributions (dollar-wise) back into our community than any other United Way in the country. 

Read about some of the good things our investments make possible in our community. 

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