We all know ALICE. ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed, and represents families that are working, but are unable to afford the basic necessities of housing, food, child care, health care, and transportation.

ALICE households are working households; they hold jobs, pay taxes, and provide services that are vital to the Texas economy. ALICE workers primarily hold jobs in occupations that build and repair our infrastructure and educate and care for the workforce. ALICE is your child care worker, your parent on Social Security, a recent graduate who can’t find work in their field, the cashier at your supermarket, the salesperson at your big box store, a home health aide, an office clerk. 

United Way of Greater Houston is working to help ALICE meet basic needs and create a pathway to a successful future. Our Second Century Vision calls on United Way to be laser-focused on serving the ALICE and poverty level populations, providing opportunities to attain a sustainable quality of living for themselves and their families. We will create the pathway to financial stability by coordinating a network of service providers, providing the tools, resources, and educational support for clients through an integrated journey with a navigator that will walk with them along the way. And, we will continue to provide safety net services that help with the basics, like food, shelter, clothing, and other critical needs.

United Way's ALICE Report provides better measures and language to describe the population that is struggling financially, and the reasons why. These measurements provide a broader picture of financial insecurity than traditional federal poverty guidelines.

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If you are ALICE, call our 211 Texas/United Way HELPLINE to get started on the path to a better future.