David’s Story

David had a long career as a project manager in the construction industry. He liked the work and it enabled him to provide for his family.

Then, a cancer diagnosis changed everything. David was unable to work for almost a year. He quickly ran through his savings and the medical bills piled up. His wife’s salary kept the family afloat, but it was tough making ends meet every month.

David and his wife unexpectedly found themselves ALICE.

When he was finally able to go back to work, David had trouble finding a job. He secured a temporary position for a few months and by the time it ended, his family was close to losing its home.

David never thought he would find himself in this situation. He had worked hard all of his life and suddenly found himself unable to do much more than survive. He mowed lawns and picked up odd jobs just to get by. He fought hopelessness as hard as he searched for work. 

And it wasn’t until he got connected with United Way THRIVE that things began to change. A THRIVE partner helped David with his resume, worked with him to address potential employer’s concerns about his health and time out of the workforce, and eventually, helped him secure a full-time job.

David was relieved to return to work and to bring stability back to his family. Even though he has moved on from being ALICE, he remains aware of just how easily things can change—and just how important it is for United Way to be here when they do.


If you are ALICE, call our 211 Texas/United Way HELPLINE to get started on the path to a better future.