Takiah’s Story

Takiah has the kind of strength that you only get from overcoming the toughest challenges. She earned it the hard way—as ALICE.

Growing up, Takiah didn’t have an example of stability, financial or otherwise. She knew she wanted something different for herself and she worked hard to forge her own path. 

But as hard as she worked, Takiah couldn’t keep the challenges at bay. She was working, going to school, and taking care of her kids on her own when suddenly, she had to give everything up to take care of her mother.

And then her grandmother became ill and needed help, too. Takiah borrowed money from family and friends. She took out costly payday loans to keep her family afloat. And still, it was difficult to pay the bills on time, to put food on the table, and to keep her car running so she could get to work.

“For a long time, I did not trust anyone because life felt like a disappointment,” Takiah says. “But there is hope for improvement in your life. There is change for your kids and for yourself, but you have to want it.”

Takiah wanted it. She worked tirelessly, she accepted help, and she never gave up on her dreams—even when they seemed impossible.

Now, Takiah works to help others find employment and support their families. She is months away from completing her bachelor’s degree and seeing a longtime dream that she had to defer several times finally come to fruition.

“I want my kids to see a better me. I want them to focus on improving their lives and not putting themselves in positions to have to face the hardships I did, “Takiah says. “I want them to have everything a lot sooner than I did. I want them to have hope.”

There is no doubt that with a mom like Takiah, her kids have hope and a strong example of how hard work, determination, and a little help, can change everything.


If you are ALICE, call our 211 Texas/United Way HELPLINE to get started on the path to a better future.