Disaster Recovery

Fort Bend Recovers (“FBR”) is a collaborative network that addresses the long-term needs of Fort Bend County following a disaster.  The Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management and the United Way of Greater Houston convene this Long-Term Recovery Group comprising 68 nonprofit, church and governmental groups with 157 members working together to provide immediate and long-term recovery support to residents.  This collaborative group of organizations is diligently dedicated to achieving collective impact in the area of long-term disaster recovery.  

This network was established and maintained on behalf of the individuals, families, businesses, and communities in Fort Bend County to facilitate and implement a coordinated response to disaster recovery needs. Fort Bend Recovers focuses on long-term recovery efforts in Fort Bend County following each unique disaster and outlines the Recovery Plan for that specific disaster.  Given the resources available, Fort Bend Recovers prioritizes which needs can be addressed with the understanding that long-term recovery could extend into the months and years following a disaster.