Investments and Stewardship

United Way’s investments in Fort Bend County are determined by a volunteer Advisory Committee that provides oversight to each center area. The Advisory Committee is involved in assessing community needs; reviewing program and budget requests and making funding recommendations; and working with other local organizations to provide needed services not currently available.

United Way invests in Fort Bend County in several different ways:

  • Affiliate Agency Investments – United Way currently invests in several agencies and programs in Fort Bend County. These agencies undergo an intensive organizational and program review to ensure quality services are delivered, meeting United Way's stringent stewardship review.
  • United Way Fort Bend Center – United Way invests in the Fort Bend Center to provide one-stop health and human services in Fort Bend County. The facility serves as a service hub and also features a conference center for nonprofit use.
  • Special Initiative Grants - In order to respond to emerging and unmet needs in our community, United Way invests in special grants that respond through:
    • United Way Transportation Initiative promotes accessibility to needed services by persons who are disabled, the elderly and those with limited incomes in Fort Bend County through the distribution of gas cards and vouchers.
    • United Way’s Basic Needs Initiative invests in food pantries in the area such as Second Mile Mission and East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministry to increase the availability of food in our community.
    • United Way THRIVE in Fort Bend County is providing financial coaching, financial education, and workforce development services.