Nonprofit Networks

The United Way Fort Bend Center hosts several network meetings which bring together a wide variety of audiences to address community needs and identify resources to address those needs. These networks include:

Fort Bend Interagency Network

Fort Bend CONNECT is a network of nonprofit organizations, government agencies and faith-based groups providing social services in Fort Bend County. All meetings are held the second Friday of every month. If you would like to receive a notice for future Fort Bend CONNECT meetings, please contact Anahi Hernandez at

United Way Fort Bend Veterans Network

United Way Fort Bend Veterans Network provides veteran service organizations in Fort Bend County an opportunity to share information, explore available resources and identify gaps in services in order to best meet the unique needs of veterans in our community. This group meets on a quarterly basis. Please call 281-207-2300 for the meeting schedule.

United Way Fort Bend Homeless Network 

United Way Fort Bend Homeless Network convenes basic needs service providers in Fort Bend County to share information about available resources in Fort Bend County as well as provide a forum for sharing best practices, identifying trends, and addressing emerging needs in Fort Bend County. Meetings are held quarterly.