Sample CEO Endorsement Letter

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Dear [Name], 

As we kick off our 2021-2022 United Way campaign, I ask you to join me in creating opportunities for our neighbors and our community to thrive through United Way of Greater Houston.   

Even before the pandemic, economic fallout, and winter storm of 2021, too many families in our community were struggling to pay for basic necessities, let alone save for the future or an unexpected expense. These families often have to make impossible choices, such as deciding whether to buy food, pay for health care, or make rent.

United Way of Greater Houston helps people break down the barriers that keep them in state of struggle and prevent them from becoming financially stable. With our help, United Way provides a safety net to help people meet their immediate basic needs and helps our neighbors achieve long-term financial stability and success. 

Together, we can help families regain ground. Together, we can put families on a path to financial stability. Together, we can help families grow stronger. 
I encourage you to learn more about United Way’s work and impact at 

[Company Name], and I personally, support United Way of Greater Houston. I hope you will, too.