Sample Leadership Donor Thank You Letter

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Dear [Name], 

Thank you for investing in our community through [Company Name]’s 2021-2022 United Way campaign. Your generous leadership gift helped [Company Name] raise [dollars] this year. 

Even before the pandemic, economic fallout, and winter storm of 2021, too many families in our community were struggling to pay for basic necessities, let alone save for the future or an unexpected expense. These families often have to make impossible choices, such as deciding whether to buy food, pay for health care, or make rent.

Leadership donors, like you, create opportunities for our neighbors and our community to thrive. Your generosity helps families who are working hard to become financially stable and self-sufficient, but who need help securing the tools to get there. It makes a difference for kids who need guidance and support to build a strong foundation for the future. It makes a difference for seniors who are alone, for veterans rebuilding their lives after service, and for each and every person who calls the 211 Texas/United Way HELPLINE seeking help and hope.

Your generosity not only makes it possible for United Way to improve millions of lives each year, but also sets a powerful example for others to follow. Thank you! 

I’m proud to work alongside you,

[Campaign Chair, CEO, Executive]