Sample Leadership Giving Solicitation Letter

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Dear [Name], 

As our 2021-2022 United Way campaign gets underway, I am reaching out to the most generous and caring individuals I know to ask them to join me in making a leadership gift to support United Way of Greater Houston. 

I give to United Way because I know my gift helps create opportunities for my neighbors and my community to thrive. 

Even before the pandemic, economic fallout, and winter storm of 2021, too many families in our community were struggling to pay for basic necessities, let alone save for the future or an unexpected expense. These families often have to make impossible choices, such as deciding whether to buy food, pay for health care, or make rent.

With our support, United Way of Greater Houston helps people break down the barriers that keep them in a state of struggle and prevent them from becoming financially stable. Together, we can provide a safety net to help people meet their immediate basic needs and get them on a pathway to long-term financial stability and success.

I hope, at this critical time, you will join me in supporting this worthwhile organization with a leadership gift of $1,000 or more. Consider what your leadership gift can do: 

  • $19 a week ($1,000 annual gift) can provide four months of meals for a family of four struggling to choose between buying food and medicine or paying rent 
  • $48 a week ($2,500 annual gift) can provide workforce development services for seven people, helping them increase their income and better support their families
  • $96 a week ($5,000 annual gift) can provide a year of academically enriching after-school care for five young people
  • $192 a week ($10,000 annual gift) can provide a year of quality early childhood education for two low-income children, helping ensure they are ready to start and succeed in school

Your support of United Way of Greater Houston not only helps shape the future of our community, it sets an example of generosity and commitment for others to follow. 

I hope you will join me in doing something about it—the United Way.  


[CEO or Leadership Giving Chair]