Strategic Initiatives

Education Initiative: Helping to ensure the academic success of all children

Summer Learning We know that keeping students engaged during the summer helps them retain, and even gain, learning. In 2016, we hosted 24 book clubs in Montgomery County to keep young people reading and participating in educational enrichment while out of school.

Young Mother's Child Care Scholarship 
The United Way Young Mother's Child Care Scholarship provides child care scholarships for young mothers who are committed to continuing their education beyond high school. In 2017, the Young Mother's Child Care Scholarship helped 14 young moms access quality child care, allowing them to pursue higher education. Also in 2016-2017, the program celebrated its first three graduates thanks to the scholarship.

United Way THRIVE – United Way’s Family Financial Stability Initiative

Financial Opportunity Center 
The Volunteers of America Financial Opportunity Center in Montgomery County offers families financial, employment and benefits access services, in one close-to-home location. The Center provides financial counseling, vocational training, job-readiness training and career counseling to help Montgomery County residents in their efforts to achieve financial stability all conveniently located in Conroe.