Board Development

To help board members keep up with trends, issues and best board practices, United Way Nonprofit Connection’s Management Assistance Program (MAP) provides board development options tailored to fit the needs of individual organizations. MAP delivers services on-site, at the location most convenient for those involved. MAP can be part of your next board meeting, retreat or orientation.

Board Training is designed to clarify board roles and responsibilities or address specific issues that may be challenging board effectiveness.

An annual Board Retreat is an ideal way to refresh and renew board operations. A skilled MAP facilitator will work with each organization to craft a session agenda designed to affirm the mission and vision, update a strategic plan, address pressing issues or simply generates camaraderie among new and seasoned board members.

New and returning board members benefit from a Board Orientation that provides an comprehensive overview of the organization' plans and programs, introduces board and staff members, clarifies policies and procedures and engages everyone in the important work of the organization.

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