Community Disaster Grants

 All organizations interested in applying for disaster funding,must complete this questionnaire. The questionnaire will remain open through Tuesday, February 6, 2018.

In its efforts to support disaster response, recovery, and rebuilding, United Way of Greater Houston is investing a portion of the United Way Relief Fund to establish Community Disaster Grants for local nonprofits. United Way of Greater Houston is seeking nonprofit organizations that can provide quality programming and/or services to individuals and families affected by the recent storm. Community Disaster Grants up to $10,000 will fund projects that assist individuals in rebuilding their lives and align with one or more of United Way’s goal areas:

• Developing children and youth to their full potential
• Creating strong families and safe neighborhoods
• Sustaining senior independence
• Supporting people rebuilding their lives

Examples of activities eligible for funding include but are not limited to:
• Emergency Assistance –  programs that help individuals manage a crisis situation by providing household supplies and essentials and/or provides help during the holidays with distribution of toys, meals, or other goods
• Equipment Disaster Support – supplies, tools, and materials needed to provide services to stabilize the living conditions of affected individuals
• Equipment Replacement Support –to assist a nonprofit in replacing equipment, tools, and supplies to resume community services
Health Care– programs that assist with the maintenance or restoration of the body or mind for individuals affected by disaster
• Disaster Preparedness - to support programs who wish to improve emergency preparedness for all types of disasters (i.e. internal and/or external training, planning activities, improve or establish current systems)

Eligible groups must certify that they meet the following minimum requirements:
• An IRS designated nonprofit organization that has been in existence for at least three years and provides services in Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery, or Waller Counties
• Has an organized accounting system and can produce monthly financial statements
• Has written policies on and practices non-discrimination
• Has an active Board of Directors with no less than 3 members
• Complies with the USA Patriot Act (anti-terrorism)
• Proposes a project that meets the purpose(s) of the Community Disaster Grant
• Has not received a United Way Community Disaster Grant related to Hurricane Harvey

United Way of Greater Houston will provide two rounds (cycles) of funding for the Community Disaster Grants. If an organization is funded in Round One, it cannot reapply for funding in Round Two.

Step 1:  Complete Proposal Questionnaire by Deadline
Complete the eligibility and proposal questionnaire at In addition to eligibility questions, organizations must provide:
a.    A brief description of the organization, services, and its mission
b.    A brief description of how the organization and/or those served were impacted by Hurricane Harvey
c.    The number of individuals typically served annually
d.    A brief budget narrative on how grant funds will be used and if funded, how soon services can be provided
e.    A brief description on how impact/results will be measured (outputs and/or outcomes)

Step 2:  Alignment Review
United Way of Greater Houston will review submitted eligibility and proposal questionnaire to ensure organization meets eligibility requirements and project aligns with United Way’s goals and Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. United Way of Greater Houston reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal questionnaire received in response to this request, if deemed not to be in the best interest of United Way or its affiliates. Proposals will be rejected if:
• received after the deadline stipulated in the RFP
• not submitted using United Way’s web-based proposal questionnaire
• other proposals are deemed more impactful
• and/or do not comply with the RFP guidelines

Step 3:  Participate in Community Disaster Grant Webinar
Organizations who pass the Alignment Review will receive via email, a link and instructions to participate in United Way’s Community Disaster Grant Webinar.  During this webinar, organizations will be provided with detailed information about the grant and its process, instructions on how to access the online portal to submit an application, and reporting guidelines.

Step 4:  Submit Application Packet by Deadline
Organizations will submit a completed Community Disaster Grant Application Packet using United Way’s online portal. Application Packet will include:
• Completed and Signed Application
• Proposal budget
• Copy of IRS nonprofit determination letter
• Copy of most recent (last three years) IRS 990/990EZ (unless organization is a church or certain church-affiliated organization)
• Patriot Act Compliance Form
• Current list of Board of Directors with contact information
• Most recent Annual Report (if available)

Step 5:  Application Packet Review and Funding Recommendations
Due to the enormity of needs resulting from Hurricane Harvey, United Way of Greater Houston will not be able to provide funding to every organization that applies. All applications will be reviewed. However, based on application quality and funding requests, a maximum of $350,000 in awards will be recommended for approval to United Way volunteers for each round of funding. In order for an application to be recommended for funding, the application must clearly demonstrate:
• Program/project aligns with United Way of Greater Houston’s goals and relief efforts (assists affected individuals in rebuilding their lives to help in regaining pre-hurricane or improved status);
• Utilization of community resources (volunteers, in-kind donations, additional revenue streams, etc.)
• Project readiness and an ability to use funds in an effective and timely manner
• Community participation and/or support
• Community Impact
• Diversity (no discrimination in the provision of services on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin or ancestry, immigration status, marital status, veteran status or status as a qualified disabled or handicapped individual)

Step 6:  Notifications
All organizations who submit an application will be notified via email of their application status two weeks after the submission deadline. Organizations whose applications are approved by volunteers for funding, will be notified of grant award amounts via email. Organizations not funded, will be notified and will be given the opportunity to reapply for the second round of Community Disaster Grant funding.