Interagency Meetings

Interagency Network
Our Interagency Information & Referral Network offers health and human service organizations a valuable opportunity to keep abreast of issues that affect our community. The Interagency Network provides a monthly forum for learning about resources, discussing current issues, and keeping up-to-date on existing services. Participants include over 100 health and human service organizations, representing the full range of services in our community, and encompassing all populations – children, youth, women, men, families, seniors.

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month from 9:00- 11:00 a.m. at the United Way Community Resource Center.

February 14, 2019
Feeding the Hungry

March 14, 2019
Access to Healthcare

April 11, 2019
Autism Spectrum Disorder

May 9, 2019
Homeless Resources

Elder Service Provider Network
ESPN offers a unique blend of personal interaction and professional development, with the goal of better assisting older adults. By learning about resources and issues impacting seniors, and interacting with elder care providers, participants have been able to maximize their efforts, especially regarding difficult cases or hard-to-find resources. The average attendance is approximately 120 participants per month, representing a comprehensive spectrum of elder care services in our community.

Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 10 a.m.- noon at the United Way Community Resource Center.

February 26, 2019
mobile Services: Today's Version of a Housecall

March 26, 2019
Senior Education

April 23, 2019
Unraveling the Misconceptions of the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program

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