Peer Circles

We bring together nonprofit executives to network, problem solve, and to work together on issues facing their organizations. 

Nonprofit leaders have the loneliest jobs in town.  The challenges of their multifaceted responsibilities can feel overwhelming.  For nearly 20 years, United Way Peer Circles have been an oasis in the ever-changing nonprofit leadership landscape.

Peer Circles provide personal and professional development in the company of peers who share the triumphs and tribulations that are inherent in the leadership role.  The monthly facilitated meetings provide a safe space where executives can have open and honest conversation about real-world problems, reinforce their leadership skills, and provide and receive support from their trusted colleagues.

Nonprofit Connection currently sponsors Peer Circles for Executive Directors/CEOs and Chief Development Officers, along with one Executive Mentoring Circle for CEOs new to their role.

The benefits of Peer Circles include:

  • An opportunity to discuss staff, board and organizational challenges in a confidential environment
  • A network of trusted peers who understand the unique nature of nonprofits
  • Access to the latest management information and resources
  • Ongoing support for and advice about dealing with workplace issues
  • Opportunities to develop and grow professionally
  • Opportunities for self-directed learning and discovery
  • Renewed motivation, enhanced productivity and a personal support system

Peer Circles are small groups comprised of six to eight members; care is taken to ensure that group members represent non-competing missions.   They meet monthly, typically at the United Way Community Resource Center, from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

During the course of every session, time is allocated for everyone to share concerns, seek advice, work through difficult scenarios, and to receive and give feedback on issues presented by the members. There is an annual fee to become a member of a Peer Circle.

If you have any questions or want additional information, contact Angiela Zielinski Download and complete the Peer Circle application.