Mark’s Story

United Way THRIVE

Without a skill or much education, Mark felt stuck. He was tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck and wanted to build a better future for his two daughters. “There’s really no room out there for anybody who doesn’t have an education,” Mark says. “With no education, you’re always stuck.”

Unwilling to feel stuck any longer, Mark signed up for GED classes and a United Way THRIVE job-training program. He started with a concrete technician certification class and continued his education and training, taking job-readiness courses, then enrolling in a core construction program and eventually earning his welding certification—and his GED.

With Mark’s training and certifications, he’s been able to start a career as a welder. He earns more than double what he used to and feels more secure about supporting his family. “I was a man with a job,” he says. “Now I’m a man with a career.”

Are you ready to help families achieve financial stability?