Bob and Eric

​Name: Bob Earl & Eric Depoy 

What song/band are you currently rocking out to?

Bob - No Doubt About it-Neal McCoy

What band/musician, dead or alive, do you wish you could rock out with?

Bob - Gonna have to go with Neal McCoy-He’s always been a favorite of mine and I have a huge amount of respect for him and his approach on not changing his views or opinions to conform to the popular public belief of the moment.

What makes you a Rock Star in our community?

This community is important to me, because it is one that I have been a part of for most of my life. I graduated from The Woodlands High School and have been involved in one way or another since graduation. As a Local Business Owner of Texas Premier Mortgage, we support many local causes and business throughout the year and try to give back as often as possible. 

Why should people support and donate to United Way Women Who Rock?

My mother and sisters are such a huge influence in my life, so this is a cause that really hits home for me.  Supporting and donating to this cause benefiting the Young Mothers Child Care Scholarship is so important because it has the ability to incite massive change and opportunity! 

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