Peg Welbes

Q&A with a Rock Star

‚ÄčName: Peg Welbes

What song/band are you currently rocking out to?

There can't possibly be only one song or one band! I have music of all genres and origins on all day long, whether I'm chair-dancing in my car or swaying at the kitchen sink.

What band/musician, dead or alive, do you wish you could rock out with?

This is a tough one! Ella Fitzgerald, Lowell George, Eric Clapton and Bonnie Raitt.

What makes you a Rock Star in our community?

I've mostly waltzed like a flamingo in a flock of bobbing pigeons. Not that I'm elegantly pink, but I have trouble carrying off any kind of camouflage, especially as I get older. This gives me an enormous amount of freedom, to be passionate, to carry on with conviction, and to be audacious to a varying degree. I guess I'm known for becoming involved with projects that may not be popular but that are no less significant.

Why should people support and donate to United Way Women Who Rock?

A lack of child care is truly the biggest obstacle for a young mother, one who understands that the key to a better life for herself and her child, the key to a successful life for her family, is to educate herself. There are sources for academic and other scholarships, for classes and career training. Transportation can be worked out. But without reliable care for her baby or child, a student has to deal with distraction and concern, day in and day out. Without the ability to focus on her endeavors, the task ahead of her can be discouraging. With our Women's Leadership Council Scholarships, we try to remove another significant issue that may stand in the way of her success. If anyone needs more clarification on the importance of this project, just ask me! There's just nothing like this!

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