Disaster Recovery

The Waller County Recovery Committee (WCRC) was convened by United Way of Greater Houston during the Wildfire Disaster in September of 2011.

The purpose of the WCRC is to strengthen the long-term recovery coordination in Waller County and some surrounding areas, by sharing information, simplifying residents’ access to recovery services and resolving disaster cases. By bringing all service providers together, this committee will have the opportunity to provide recovery effort updates, discuss lessons learned, and talk about preparedness practices that will help with future disasters.

WCRC will determine the long-term recovery efforts that will be undertaken in Waller County following each unique disaster and outline the Recovery Plan for that specific disaster. Given the resources available, WCRC will prioritize which needs can be addressed. It is understood that long-term recovery could extend into the months and years following a disaster. 

The WCRC is currently meeting bi-monthly (every other month) to discuss unmet needs and to maintain communication and preparation for future disaster. For more information, call 281-822-4200 or 1-800-366-3025.