Anushka’s Story

While some kids looked up to professional athletes or movie stars, Anushka looked up to the kids who were good readers.

She herself struggled to read, dreading the moment she would be called on to read out loud in class and feeling embarrassed when she inevitably had to. She had trouble pronouncing words correctly and found it difficult to comprehend the material. That’s why Anushka’s teacher recommended she join United Way Reading Together.

United Way Reading Together matches elementary school students who struggle to read with adult reading buddies. The pairs spend an hour a week working one­on­one to improve the student’s reading skills.

In Reading Together, Anushka not only improved her reading skills, but also developed a real love of reading. Overcoming such a big challenge has helped her face other challenges with will and determination. And, Anushka appreciates how becoming a stronger reader has made her a stronger student overall.

“I learned so much and I improved so much,” she says. “This reading program made me improve my grades to a higher level.”

Now in fourth grade, Anushka is doing well in school and is helping her younger sister learn to read. She always carries a book with her so she can sneak in a few chapters whenever possible—and that ought to be good preparation for when she goes to medical school.

“The Reading Together program not only made me a confident person in reading, it made me a confident person in life,” Anushka says. “My goal is to pass all the grades and then become a doctor. When you want to be a doctor, you have to improve your reading first.”