United Way Bright Beginnings - Courtlyn’s Story

When Courtlyn says she is going to be the first female president, you can’t help but pledge your vote. She’s confident, personable and a stellar student with a long list of accomplishments behind her. Right now, the only thing stopping Courtlyn is her age—she’s only ten years old. Before she started elementary school, Courtlyn spent three years in United Way Bright Beginnings. Bright Beginnings helped Courtlyn develop social, language and motor skills, and a love for learning that has helped her succeed in school.

Courtlyn is not only a great student, she has diverse interests and participates in a variety of extracurricular activities. Courtlyn loves to sing and dance, and is on her school’s cheerleading squad. She also likes helping people—and the White House isn’t the only place she wants to do it. “I really want to be a doctor, Courtlyn says. “I’d like to be a veterinarian and a regular doctor that helps children and adults. I just like to help people.”

Are you ready to help kids like Courtlyn succeed in school?