Educational Resources

Download activities, videos, and tips to engage your child in learning

We know that a strong educational foundation gives people a better chance of thriving. Through early childhood education, out-of-school enrichment, mentors, and other academic support, we help prepare the next generation to lead our families, businesses, and communities. Here are a few of the resources we use. 

Contraction Memory

Match the contraction

Create a Comic

Make your own comic strips

Character Wheel

Describe a character

Blubber Experiment

Learn how animals use blubber

Volcano Activity

Watch your volcano erupt

Writing Prompts

Start your next story here

Antonym Matching Game

Match up the antonyms

Synonym Matching Game

Match up the synonyms

Cloud in a Jar

Make your own cloud

Sand Foam Activity

Make your own sand dune

Deep Sea Dwellers

Learn and draw

Diorama Activity

Create your own scene

Exploring Light

An activity for preschoolers

Exploring Magnets

An activity for toddlers

Exploring Flubber

An activity for preschoolers

Exploring Nature

An activity for infants

Exploring Loose Parts

An activity for toddlers

Exploring Water

An activity for infants

Choosing Child Care

Tips for selecting the right care

Out 2 Learn

Quality out-of-school programs


Math in a Flash!

Elapsed Time

Math in a Flash!

Expanded Form

Math in a Flash!


Math in a Flash!


Math in a Flash!

Classifying Shapes

Math in a Flash!

Triangle Perimeter

Math in a Flash!

Place Value Chart

Math in a Flash!

Raking Leaves

Math in a Flash!

Spiders + Multiplication

Math in a Flash!

Reading Journal

Keep track of books you've read

Middle School Exercises

Math in a Flash for middle schoolers

Elementary Exercises

Math in a Flash for elementary students

Anagram Activity

Print, write, and illustrate

Reading Tips

Download tips for reading with your child

Continents & Oceans Activity

Download and play