Creative collaboratives help curb the learning loss many students experience during the out-of-school months.

Summer Learning

During summer vacation, many students lose some of the academic skills they learned in the previous school year. Research shows that students from lower-income neighborhoods experience the greatest decline when they re-enter the classroom in the fall. United Way invests in collaborative projects that prevent summer learning loss by engaging students in activities that reinforce academic skills during the out-of-school months.


Through book clubs, kindergarten prep camps and STEM activities, we kept more than 4,000 students engaged in learning last summer.

158 summer book clubs kept more than 1,800 students engaged in reading. Book club participants spent more than 900,000 minutes reading! 

Students in the Summer of Learning project spent the summer doing hands-on math and science activities, which increased their STEM knowledge by 20%. 

Three academic bridge programs helped 200 incoming college freshmen who come from economically-disadvantaged families, prepare to start, and succeed in, college.

Want to make sure kids keep learning over the summer?