“Every father wants a home and safety for their children. When my own family wasn't there for me, United Way was there to help us.”

Michael’s Story

Raising kids as a single parent is hard enough. Fighting every day to keep them, and keep them safe, is the hardest thing Michael has ever done.

After a long battle, Michael was finally awarded full custody of his two children. But, just as his children came to live with him, Michael lost his job. He struggled to provide for his family and maintain his home, but without an income, he just couldn’t keep up. Before Michael knew it, he and his kids were out on the street.

With United Way’s help, Michael and his children moved into a permanent home. The family received help with basic needs, like food and clothing and other assistance, such as school supplies for the kids. With a new job and a little help from United Way, Michael’s family is back on their feet--and walking the path to success. 

Are you ready to help families, like Michael’s, rebuild their lives?